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My experience with this business has been great! Rob is always helpful with his extensive knowledge. The homemade cookies are a plus as well!😋

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Paul, on Google

I am pleased that Mr. Hynek’s concern is always in his client’s best interest. He is professional and friendly. I recommend him for anyone looking for the best hearing aides.

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B, on Google

Love working with Rob at Rexall Hearing Center, always a smile on his face and very knowledgeable about the products. Those cookies are a plus.

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Gary Funk, on Google

Great service. Rob is very knowledgeable. His wife bakes delicious cookies

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Sherry Johnson, on Google

This company is always there for the customer. Rob sells multiple types of hearing aids for customer to choose from. I have appointment every 6 months with the owner Rob Hynek. Rob looks over the hearing aids cleans and replaces things if necessary and also changes my program on computer to sharpen certain sounds when needed. This company has a family environment within the office. Robs wife bakes fresh cookies daily for the customers what a personal touch. How great is that.

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Jean Drexler, on Google

Great service, super friendly, and there’s always yummy cookies to have on your way out. I feel like my treatment is personable.

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Mandie Wolff, on Google

Top notch hearing aids and Rob is great.

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Jerome Diedrick, on Google

Rob is a very professional person and well knowledgeable on hearing aids. He will explain the different models and make sure you receive the best type of hearing aids for your individual hearing issues. They have many styles for you to pick from and he will work with you to make your hearing aids fit your ears correctly and will adjust them for your best hearing results. Rob will have you come in occasionally to clean and adjust your hearing aids at no cost to you. I enjoy using Rexall Hearing Aid Center for all my hearing aid needs. It's a great local business and I would recommend them to anyone.

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Rick Grissom, on Google

I purchased my hearing aid devices many many years ago. My experience with Rexall Hearing Aid Center operated by (Rob Hynek) has serviced my yearly needs with a professional & pleasant attitude on every visit!

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roger VanGompel, on Google

Very professional, makes you feel at home.

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Ronald Lemere, on Google

Very Happy with Rexall Hearing! Always there to help and very friendly!

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Tracy Schultz, on Google

Absolutely above and beyond the expected. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, very professional. Can't say enough good things about them!

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Mike B, on Google

just got a new set of hearing aids , what a inpovement The new set has the fall alert program and it works Great Thanks Rob for all your help

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Ray Hitz, on Google

Everyone is very friendly. When I went for a hearing test Rob was kind and very in formative. He even let me try an hearing aid for me to see what it was like. That showed me what I needed and I got them. I did try another place before Rexall Hearing and they were nothing like Rob and his staff.

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Dianna Grindstaff-abbott, on Google

We have always liked going to Rexall Hearing. Rob is very friendly and helpful. I like going to a small neighborhood establishment for the personal service. It doesn't hurt that his wife makes the best cookies in the world.

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JoAnne Montag, on Google

Excellent service!

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Roger Foust, on Google

I am glad I bought my hearing aids at Rexall in Oshkosh, Rob is a wealth of knowledge on hearing aid functionality and very personable to work with. I recently lost my left hearing aid and was up and running with a new one in just a few days.

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Tim M, on Google

Our daughter would come into the room and ask why I had the TV so loud. It’s nice to be able to be in the room with others and not have them going crazy with the loud volume. It’s a good feeling to now have the sound come right into my hearing aids.

Patricia D.

Being able to hear conversations the first time again, really understand them, was fabulous for me. Instead of asking my family to repeat themselves and try to visualize their lips as they talk, I had the opportunity to find that I just can close my eyes, listen, I would hear it and understand them.

Dawn C.